Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thomas Kane and The Fire Dancer

Fire by CassiopeiaArt
Thomas Kane came to me some twenty-two years ago. It started with a storyline that involved the Elements and a boy who not only had the power to carry them within him but also became the chosen one to shepherd the new Elements to replace the "Old Ones" at the Ark of Life.

Many times, I started Thomas's journey only to be sidelined by everyday life—home, family,, work, work! Even when I left the hotel industry, his story was always at the back of my subconscious while other stories bubbled to the surface. The foremost being The Binding, the first book of the Velesi Trilogy. Others followed, but always Thomas was there, in the background, patiently waiting. 

After writing six books all related to the Velesi realm, and after the success of the first two books of the Greaneth Series, I knew it was time. Thomas rushed to the front of the class eager to tell his story, and tell he did. In working on the first installment of  what will be a five-book series, Thomas came to life. With each stroke of the pen, he grew into the boy I had first imagined over twenty-two years ago. With each peeling of the onion, he bloomed into someone I've come to love, especially now that more about him has been created after being dormant for so long.

We start with Thomas at twelve years of age. He discovers that on his thirteenth birthday, he will go through a change and become the Shepherd. In five more years, he will be ready for the Awakening of the new Elements, and he will have to take them to the Ark of Life where the Old Ones wait to be released and replaced by Earth's new Elementals. But, like in every hero’s story, an ancient adversary disrupts the process and puts the world in peril. The Null, after millennia of waiting, has awakened the new Elements before their time.

I am excited about this new journey and about having Thomas as our guide. To help Thomas lead the Elements safely to the Ark of Life are his Uncle Iollan (pronounced Ul-an) and his two older cousins.

Thomas's story isn't just about saving our world, but also of growth, awareness, and self-discovery. He learns that his mixed heritage is not a demerit in life, but a woven bond of strength, loyalty, and family.

Thomas Kane and the Fire Dancer is scheduled for Kindle release on Amazon this fall. Look for it and join me in this new adventure, and after speaking about him for so long, you will finally meet Thomas Kane.

Until next time, good reading to all.

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